Nijmegen Samba Festival 2021

The 17th Nijmegen Samba Festival will take place on September 11th & 12th 2021. Or maybe only September 11th, or not at all. We have three scenarios, depending on the restrictions due to the corona virus.

Scenario 1: full festival
On Saturday an outdoor festival with ten bands at four locations, Saturday evening a party with live music and a DJ and on Sunday a workshop day with three renowned teachers.

Scenario 2: limited festival
If necessary, we will scale down to a one-day indoor festival. This would be a workshop day on Saturday, followed by a party (scenario 2a) or a lounge (scenario 2b, as in 2020) in the evening.

Scenario 3: no festival at all
If we cannot or may not organize a live event, we decide to skip this year. Last year we experimented with possibilities via the internet, but there was very little interest in both the online workshops and the live stream.


There comes a time, of course, when we have to make a decision. We will announce what will happen no later than June 15th. Ticket sales for the workshops and registrations for the outdoor festival could then start at the end of June or early July.

Do you want to attend the Nijmegen Samba Festival this year? Then keep September 11th and 12th free and hope with us that we can make a positive decision in June.


Hope to see all of you in Nijmegen!

Barend & Wouter