Workshop Saturday

Roda de Samba do Alemão 


We have a great choise of workshops, thaught by renowned teachers from all over Europe. The workshop program starts at 10.30AM, doors wil be open at 9.30AM. The last worshops end at 6PM. All workshops have a limited amount of participants. Before you go to the ticketshop, see the program and choose four workhops (one in each round) that you want to join. Please notice that for most workhops you have to bring your own instrument.

Evening program: forró and roda

Acorde Vizinho
We'll start the night with a forró dance class! Eveyone can join, no experience needed. After the introduction to this dance from the Northeasteren region of Brasil, Acorde Vizinho will guide our dance moves with their lovely music. This Amsterdam based forró-jazz band is a group of great people with various instruments. Both traditional forró instruments like guitar, triangle and zabumba, but also a very nice fitting touch of saxophone and flute.

Roda de Samba do Alemão
For Cariocas, the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro, roda de samba means much more than just a meeting of sambistas. Rather, it is an expression of the attitude to life that characterizes the everyday life of many Cariocas. Musicians of all generations, samba lovers and friends meet here in a relaxed atmosphere and devote themselves to samba with cool drinks until late at night. Chris Quade Couto, Maxim Zettel, Nego Dó, Tam Silva and Jonivon Freitas will revive this piece of Rio de Janeiro as Roda de Samba do Alemão. Normally in Cologne (Germany), but now in Nijmegen. At our 2021-edition they did a great stage show, but this year they will be performing how it should be: at a table in the middle of the party with us dancing around them.

Of course the caipirinhabar is never far away during these both awesome shows.
All participants from the workshops get free access to the evening program, others can buy an evening ticket in our ticketshop.


Download the progam as a PDF-file. This is a concept, so changes may occur.


This year there will be two types of ticket: the passe partout (€62,50 each) and the evening ticket (€10 each). All workshops have a limited amount of participants, so don't wait too long to buy yours. If you want to buy 10 or more passe partout tickets for your band or group, please contact Wouter so he can arrange a discount code (10% off) for you. You can buy your ticket in our shop. We try to update our webshop so you can't buy a ticket for a fully booked workshop. If we are a wee bit slow and you manage to buy a ticket for a workshop that isn't available anymore, we'll contact you.