Get Together Friday

Friday September th will be Get Together Friday!

In the past few years more and more people come to Nijmegen for the Samba Festival from all over Europe. Some of them choose to travel at the Saturday morning, but as most musicians don't like to get up early they extend their samba weekend by arriving in Nijmegen at Friday. When arrived they put their bags in the hotel or Airbnb and walk though the city centre, looking for the place to be. Of course Nijmegen has to offer loads of nice pubs and restaurants, but where can you meet with your samba friends? Where can you meet other people with the same passion for Brazilian percussion? Where can you have some nice drinks and discuss about instruments, moves or rhythms? All this will be possible at Get Together Friday.

Get Toghether Friday has no entrance fee, will be held at the same location as the rest of the festival and will be open from 8pm untill 1am.