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As you can see, workshops have levels (beginner, intermediate and/or advanced). This is because in the past years we experienced a big difference between the levels of the participants. Please notice that during a workshop for advanced players no basic rhythms will be explained. Every workshops lists which instruments can participate in it. There are no instruments provided, so you have to bring the instrument(s) and everything else you need (sticks, belt) yourself. During the workshops ear protection is recommended. Also don't forget to bring a fitting tuning key for every instrument you bring.
Download the progam as a PDF-file. This is a concept, so changes may occur.

ROUND 1 (10.30 - 12.30)

Rio Style Samba | Willem de Gooyert | Beginner & intermediate level
Agogô | Caixa | Chocalho | Cuíca | Repique | Surdo (1a, 2a, 3a) | Tamborim
Samba as played in the carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is played all around the world. This music has spread itself out and has become popular in many countries. During this workshop, we are going to delve into some of the great patterns and combinations that make samba swing!
We will be looking at the base groove, starting and stopping of the samba and some breaks. We will look at creating a great sound together!

Rio-Style Samba | Chris Quade Couto | Advanced level
Agogô | Caixa | Chocalho | Cuíca | Repique | Surdo (1a, 2a, 3a) | Tamborim
Workshop content:
- Individual technique and timing work
- Advanced swing exercises
- Complex relation between instruments (for ex. TamborimTerceira)
- Groove variations for all instruments
- Advices on how to conduct a bateria
- Modern Breaks and Calls from Rio
- Good basic to advanced rhythm on your instrument
- Save understanding of the basic structure of samba
- Classic arrangements

Ritmos do Candeal | Thomas Sukiennik | Beginner & intermediate level | LESS THAN 10 PLACES AVAILABLE!
Caixa | Dobra | Ganzá | Repique | Surdo (1a, 2a) | Timba
Candeal is a neighborhood in Salvador that has produced a particularly unique and exciting drumming culture. It is not without reason that many of Salvador's top percussionists today come from there. Of course, this is closely linked to Carlinhos Brown and Timbalada. But also their predecessor group Vai Quem Vem had a significant influence on this development. In this workshop I will report on this development and present pieces by both groups that are quite different from other Afro Blocos.
A real treasure!

Surprise Workshop | Meiko Meissner | Intermediate & advanced level
Agogô | Caixa | Chocalho | Cuíca | Ganzá | Repique | Surdo (1a, 2a, 3a) | Tamborim | Timba
A special for the daredevils: the surprise workshop! If you want to know what to expect, here's the challenge: only four people in the world know this secret. Try to find and bribe them...

ROUND 2 (13.30 - 14.30)

Cavaco | Willem de Gooyert | Beginner & intermediate level | FULLY BOOKED!
The Cavaco, or Cavaquinho, is a small string instrument that originates in Brazil. It is the predecessor of the ukele, and is used in a lot of songs from Brazil, including the samba enredos and folk songs. During this workshop, we will be looking at the ways to play the instrument, from song interesting grips for the left hand, to the tricky rhythms of the right hand. Some experience with guitar/string instruments, as well as some rhythmic experience are a benefit for this workshop, but we will move at a pass that works for everyone.
Do note that you need to bring your own cavaco to this workshop.

Paradinhas | Chris Quade Couto | All levels |
Agogô | Caixa | Chocalho | Cuíca | Repique | Surdo (1a, 2a, 3a) | Tamborim
A paradinha (litteraly translated: stop or break) is a call, mostly played on the repique, with an answer from the rest of the bateria. A paradinha can be as short as one bar, but can also be longer. In this workshop you will teach some fun paradinhas that you can use in your group imediatly.

Repique | Thomas SukiennikIntermediate & advanced level
In this workshop we will look at how to play the repinique in an afro bloco with two whips. It's about playing techniques, exercises to improve them and also developing small solo licks to spice up our playing.

Improve Your Groove | Meiko Meissner | all levels | LESS THAN 5 PLACES AVAILABLE!
Because it was such a success last year, we are doing this workshop again! Therefore it is not advisable to do this workshop if you already did it last year.
This workshop is suitable for players of any (percussion)instrument.

This will be de dullest percussion lesson you have ever had, and will ever have! No spectacular rhythms, no awesome breaks and not even one single fantastic move. Just two hours of hard work to get that stick on the drum on that particular beat. Just two hours of blood, sweat & tears on how to do it better.  At the end of this lesson you will be tired and you will have problems concentrating for the rest of the week. You will have nothing to show off to your peers. You will hate the teacher and even the whole concept of playing any percussion instrument. You might even hate music in general. So why on earth would anyone attend this lesson? The answer is: because we will explore and demystify musical secrets and - in doing so - unleash the better percussionist within you who has a deep understanding for the language called “rhythm” and how to beautifully execute what maybe has been difficult in the past. This workshop is not for short-lived fun, but it will improve your future abilities as a well functioning player. This workshop is about learning rhythm, understanding the melody within & using your playing technique to make your playing sound great. This is the workshop that will make you say “ooooowwww…that’s how it is done…!” This. Is. The. Workshop. That. Your. Bandleader. Wants. You. To. Go. To. Please bring your instrument and - even if you are not a caixa player - a pair of caixa sticks. It is advisory also, to bring paper towels to rub off your blood, sweat & tears! :-P

ROUND 3 (14.40 - 15.40)

Caixa | Willem de Gooyert | Intermediate & advanced level
This workshop will focus on the Rio style samba playing of the caixa drum. The caixa is one of the driving forces of many baterias. It shapes the basic sound of the group and sets the groove for many other instruments to join in on. During this workshop, we will be looking at several grooves from different samba schools from Rio de Janeiro. We'll see the different grooves, sticking and techniques to use when playing caixa. Bring your caixa, sticks and strap and have fun grooving away!

Pandeiro | Chris Quade Couto | All levels
The pandeiro, a whole bateria in your hand! In this short workshop we will see some different rhythms and techniques on this most versatile percussion instrument.

Samba Reggae | Thomas Sukiennik | All Levels
Caixa | Dobra | Repique | Surdo (1a, 2a) | Timba
In this workshop we will learn rhythms and arrangements of traditional Samba Reggae Afro Blocos from Salvador such as Malê Debalê or Muzenza.

ROUND 4 (16.30 - 18.00)

Samba Funk | Willem de Gooyert | All levels
Agogô | Caixa | Chocalho | Repique | Surdo (1a, 2a, 3a) | Tamborim
Some music styles lend themselves great to be combined. Samba and funk are two of those (luckily for us).
During this workshop we'll be creating and exploring a great samba funk rhythm which can challenge beginners and intermediate players alike.

Tamborim | Chris Quade Couto | Intermediate & advanced level
- Variations inside “carreteiro”
- Timeshift exercises
- Explaination of the new “carreteiro” technique (2por2)
- Save “carreteiro” groove
- For some variations 3por1 might be necessary

Maculelê | Meiko Meissner | Intermediate & advanced level
Agogô | Caixa | Chocalho | Ganzá | Repique | Surdo (1a, 2a, 3a) | Tamborim | Timba
Maculelê is a lesser known rhythm from Brazil. Traditionally it is played and danced(!) by capoeira groups. Drumming is done on atabaques (conga-like drum) and with “fighting sticks” that are rhythmically beaten together by the dancers while dancing, creating a very beautiful, driving rhythm. Maculelê can be nicely translated to the samba instruments. In the workshop we will play a Maculelê arrangement of Monobloco. And don't be afraid... we're not(!) going to dance. A nice piece of music to take with you to the repertoire of your own samba group!

Freestyle Rhythms for Afro Bloco | Thomas Sukiennik | Advanced level
Caixa | Dobra | Repique | Surdo (1a, 2a) | Timba
In this workshop I present pieces that do not come from Afro-Brazilian culture, but modern freestyle rhythms and arrangements, which are written for an Afro Bloco. Enjoy playing something completely different.