20th International Nijmegen Samba Festival

The 20th International Nijmegen Samba Festival will be at September 21st & 22nd 2024!

Saturday September 21st will be Workshop Saturday, where samba players can take workshops from great teachers from all over Europe. There will also be an evening show with live music and an opportunity to dance and party. As we organise Workshop Saturday for the 11th time now, we know that this isn't only a day of learning, playing and listening music but also a day of meeting old friends and making new ones. Imagine, being in a building full of samba enthousiasts! All details about the program will be published arround April.

Sunday September 22nd will be Play Out Loud Sunday, where percussion groups show their music to each other and the audience. More information will come arround April.

Hope to see all of you in Nijmegen!

Barend, Job, Richard & Wouter


Preferred supplier:

Kalango Brazilian Instruments

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Partner in ticketing:

Ik Ben Aanwezig

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Partner in production:

Rhythm Experience

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