If you want to play at our festival
Please notice that since a few years there is no subscription anymore. There will be less and less amateur groups performing at our festival, as our focus is moving to the workshops. We receive about 50-60 e-mails from groups that want to perform at our festival, please understand that we don't answer all of them personaly. For this year the schedule is filled, we don't need any performing groups anymore. Notice that we have great workshops for samba players at Workhops Saturday and a great evening show and Sunday program to watch en listen.

If you want to sell us something
We don't need any kind of software, performers, stages, ticketing systems and we also don't want to advertise at your website. Please don't send us e-mails, and never expect us to answer them.

If you want to talk about sponsorships or want to be part of our organisation
Please contact Barend (see below). Notice that we can't pay you anything, we organize this event all just for the fun of it.

If you have questions about the ticket you have bought or want to have a group discount (15 or more people)
Please contact Wouter (see below).