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There are no instruments provided, so you have to bring the instrument(s) and everything else you need (sticks, belt) yourself. During the workshops ear protection is recommended. Also don't forget to bring a fitting tuning key for every instrument you bring.
Download the progam as a PDF-file. This is a concept, so changes may occur.

ROUND 1 (10.30 - 12.30)

Malê Debalê (Samba Reggae) | Thomas Sukiennik
Caixa | Repique | Fundo 1 | Fundo 2 | Dobra | Timba
In this workshop we will learn some grooves and arrangements from the Afro Bloco Malê Debalê from Itapua, Salvador Bahia. It was founded in 1979 and is a fixture in the carnival of Salvador. The workshop is suitable for all Afro Bloco instruments.

Samba Enredo: Drumming a song from Rio de Janeiro | Meiko Meissner
Agogô | Caixa | Chocalho/Ganzá | Repique | Surdo 1a | Surdo 2a |Surdo 3a | Tamborim | Timba
Take your chance and convert the workshop space into a quadra, a practice and party location for an Escola De Samba in Rio! Building a party? You do this together with (lots of) drums, singers, a cavaquinho and lots of dancers!:-)
We dive into an arrangement of a Samba Enredo, a song that is written every year especially for the big parade in the Sambodromo. Paradinhas, bossas, paradas and various levadas will all pass by. And we complete the party by doing all this together with a singer and a cavaquinho player. Just like in Rio. Finally, the roof has to come off. All instruments and levels are welcome. The more souls, the greater the joy.
The places for surdos are limited. Are you a surdo player? Bring your 2nd (and 3rd ;-)) instrument to the workshop.

ROUND 2 (13.30 - 15.30)

Rio Samba Bateria | Thomas Sukiennik
Agogô | Caixa | Chocalho/Ganzá | Repique | Surdo 1a | Surdo 2a | Surdo 3a | Tamborim
In this workshop we will show the basic rhythms and playing techniques for all instruments in the samba schools in Rio. We will also look at the differences and different ways of playing, as can be seen in the actors in Rio. For all instruments in the Rio Samba (Surdos Primeira Segunda Terceira, Repinique, Repique Mor, Caixa, Tambourim Malacacheta, Agogô de 2/4, Chocalho) Level: Beginners with previous knowledge and intermediate

Samba Reggae Party: Drummin a song from Salvador de Bahia | Meiko Meissner
Agogô | Caixa | Chocalho/Ganzá | Repique | Fundo 1 | Fundo 2 | Dobra | Tamborim | Timba
In Salvador da Bahia the party is only complete when there is also singing to go with those beautiful drum rhythms. Daniela Mecury, Ivete Sangalo, Olodum, Ilê Aiyê and also Michael Jackson and Paul Simon already did what we will do in the workshop. To combine forces. Drumming for and with a song. Together with a singer. It couldn't be more beautiful. Goosebumps and happy faces guaranteed. Treat yourself to this party!:-) All instruments and levels welcome. The more souls, the greater the joy.

ROUND 3 (16.00 - 17.30)

Timbalada Rhythms | Thomas Sukiennik
Caixa | Chocalho | Cowbell | Guira | Repique | Fundo 1 | Fundo 2 | Dobra | Timba
This workshop shows some examples from the rhythmic world of the Bloco Timbalada from Salvador, which is very different from the Samba Reggae Blocos. For example, they invented the timbal and established the bacourinha.

Grooves from the Candomblé | Meiko Meissner
Agogô | Caixa | Chocalho/Ganzá | Repique | Surdo 1a/Fundo 1 | Surdo 2a/Fundo 2 | Surdo 3a/Dobra | Tamborim | Timba
Many of the rhythms and parts for samba instruments have their roots in Candomblé. Traditionally these rhythms are played on agogo and three conga-like drums. Groups such as Ilê Aiyê and Monobloco translate these rhythms into the well-known samba instruments in a very beautiful way. Played well, these intense grooves will cut to your bone. Into the depths. Very nice to include in your group's repertoire! All levels welcome. All instruments welcome.


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Meiko is a graduated drummer/percussionist (AmsterdamConservatory, Hilversum Conservatory, UM/DM). Working as a freelance musician / workshop leader in education, business, the private market and music festivals. In addition, regularly working as a teacher with various samba groups in the Netherlands and Germany. Makes regular study trips to Rio de Janeiro and Salvador da Bahia (including in 2008/2009, 6 months, drummed and learned at GRES Mocidade Independente de Padre Miguel, Rio Maracatu, Monobloco).


  germany Thomas Sukkiennik  web social facebook box blue
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In 1987 Thomas saw the Escola de Samba Baden under the direction of Thomas Köhler and Adolf Pfau at the Jazzkeller in Bonn. It hit him like a bolt of lightning and he knew exactly what he wanted to do in his life. Thomas, Adolf and the whole Escola de Samba were his very first school and supported him very much. Many and long stays in Brazil and Cuba followed to study music, country and people. Then later 3 years of Latin percussion studies at the Rotterdam Conservatory. Until 2015 self-employed as performing musician (percussionist) in shows, bands, corporate events. Thomas is self-employed as a music educator in percussion for about 35 years. Workshops at institutions, schools and for companies.

Workshop Sunday September 22nd 2024


We have a great choice of workshops, taught by renowned teachers from all over Europe. The workshop program starts at 10.30AM, doors wil be open at 9.30AM. The last worshops end at 5.30PM. All workshops have a limited amount of participants. Before you go to the ticketshop, see the program and choose three workhops (one in each round) that you want to join. Please notice that there are no instruments provided.

Before, between and after the workshops

Please be at the venue in time. As the first workshops start at 10.30AM and you'll need some time to check in, maybe have a coffee and a chat, unpack your instrument, those kind of things. As the workshop time is limited and we want to use that time for the lesson, we ask all participants to arrive between 9.30AM and 10.00AM

New! No need to bring or buy lunch, as there will be a lunch buffet, which is included in your ticket.

There will be an after party with a roda de samba, hosted by Rhyhtm-Experience. If you want to stay for dinner, please buy your dinner voucher when you buy the workshop ticket. By purchasing it in advance you help the kitchen staff to prepare, also you will get a frree drink with it.


Download the progam as a PDF-file. This is a concept, so changes may occur.


This year there will be three types of ticket, but all tickets get you the same thing: three great workshops, a lunch and access to the after party. The regular tickets are €67,50 each. For the first time we also have a limited number of tickets with a special discount, for people who do not have much to spend. We assume you will only use this if you need it, of course we will not check your income. We also offer the possibility to buy a ticket for a bit more, we hope to sell lots of these! If you buy this kind of ticket, you help us keeping the price lower for other people. All workshops have a limited amount of participants, so don't wait too long to buy yours. If you want to buy 10 or more passe partout tickets for your band or group, please contact Wouter so he can arrange a discount code (10% off) for you.

All tickets and dinner vouchers can be purchased in our ticket shop. After you bought your ticket(s), please also fill out the workshop selection form, to let us know what workshops you want to do and what instrument(s) you will play.